Best SQL Password Recovery Solution By SysTools- Review


Do you have any idea on how to reset your lost password ?? Well! I recently used my SQL Server where I forgot my password of SQL Server 2005 database. I had to see my previous office database records but I was not able to access it as I forgot my password. I don’t want to uninstall my SQL Server database. I have tried all the manual method but was not able to resolve it as the issue is related to the forgotten password. After searching various forums, I got to know about SysTools SQL Password Recovery Software. So I tried the tool and it helped me out by resetting my password.

Here I am sharing my experience of using SQL Password Reset Tool. Have a look!

Resetting Password By SysTools Password Recovery Tool

Note: Before uploading your master.mdf database file to the SQL Password Recovery Software, make copy of original database backup file to prevent any kind of data loss.

I installed the Recovery software in my local system.There is a ‘Browse’ option on the right side where I clicked to upload the master.mdf file.

You have to select the ‘master.mdf’ database file from your desktop location. I gave the path of ‘master.mdf’ file to the software.

Software reset the password of SQL Server version 2000, 2005 and 2008. Select the version according to your SQL Server database.

The software gives you the list of all existing usernames in SQL Server. The password is categorized in UNKNOWN or in EMPTY form.

If the password is in UNKNOWN form, it means the password is in the encrypted form

If the password is in EMPTY form, it means there is no password set

I quickly selected my username to reset my password.

After clicking on “Reset ” option , you will get the notification of successful Resetting of password.

I quickly connected to my database engine where I have given only Login Name and click Connect.

After clicking on Connect button, I successfully logged in to my database.

The tool helped in resetting my password by which I am able to connect to my database and see my previous office database records. Not only this, SQL Password Recovery tool is capable of doing much more.

Some other useful features of SQL Password Recovery

  • Recover multilingual Password- The Password Reset tool is able to recover different type of passwords. SQL server can have multiple user accounts and each user may have various types of password. Irrespective of the password length, you can reset any type, which includes multilingual password or password having special character.
  • Single Panel Interface-The ease part of SQL Password Recovery tool is, it is a single panel tool which provides ease in completing the resetting process in only two steps.
  • Option to reset SA password-The tool provides you option to reset the SQL Server SA password. The SA password is responsible for the protection of entire server, which not only provide access to the database but also to the server rules.


In the end, SQL Password Recovery tool turns to be very helpful in resetting my password. Not only this, it can recover the variety of Password type. The tool became survival for me in resetting my password, when all manual solution I tried, got failed. I would highly recommend this tool to those who want to reset their password with an ease.

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