Know About Backup And Recovery in SQL Server

Backups are important!! They are copies of data or log records from SQL Server Database. It is used to restore or recover the data Regular taking Back up is the only way to protect your data from any kind of corruption.Restoration is the process of repairing your database from corrupted state.

Why Taking backups are important?

The backups are important to recover your data from any type of failure. The strategy of backup should be made effectively. There are various reasons for why taking backups are important. Some of the reasons I am discussing below:

Malware Infection Hard drive failure Power failure Accidental Data Loss

Types of Backup

There are various type of Backups in SQL server:

Full Database Backups- When you perform full database backup, SQL Server takes backup of uncommitted transaction in the transaction log file and backup all activity that took place during backup.

Differential backups- The differential backup is taken to minimize the time for restoring frequently modified database. It is performed only when the full database backup has taken. It backups your last full database that has changed.

Transaction log Backups- It takes the backup of all the transaction log file in the database. The transaction log backup is taken in combination with full and optional differential backups to restore data. A full database backup is must for taking transaction log backup.

Filegroup Database- You can take backup of individual database files and filegroups, but, you must perform transaction log file backup. The limitation of taking database file backup is that it is specified up to 16 files or filegroup only.

How backup types depend on Recovery Model:

Database uses either the simple recovery model or the full recovery model.The choice for choosing Recovery Model depends on your business requirement.We can take full or differential type of backup in Simple Recovery Model. If you want to simply take backup and perform restore operation, then use Simple Recovery model. To minimize work-loss exposure, use Full Recovery Model.If bulk operations are running, then use Bulk-Logged Recovery Model.

How to Restore Database from backup?

You can restore database by two methods SQL Server:

By T-SQL and By SSMS.

First, we will see how can we restore the database by T-SQL. You have to perform some steps:-

  • Launch your SQL Server and connect to the database engine.
  • Click on New Query
  • Run Restore Database command along with its backup location.

What if Backup gets Corrupted?

Sometimes the backup file gets corrupted Due to various reasons. The possible reasons for file getting corrupted are malfunctioning on storage media or sudden power failure. A hardware failure could also be the reason which may corrupt the backup file.

How To Repair SQL Backup database file??

When your .bak database file get corrupted by any of the above reasons, you can repair it by using SysTools SQL Backup Recovery Software. The software is capable to recover all your corrupted database from .bak file.


In this blog, I have discussed the importance of Database backups and its recovery options. The blog covers why there is need to take backups and what measures can you take for recovering your .bak file. Also, the blog discusses both manual as well as alternative methods for recovering your SQL Database Backup file.

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