How to Resolve SQL Server Database Backup Error 15105

SQL Server Backup Error 15105?

In MS SQL Server, Error 15105 occurs when the user is trying to create a database backup (.bak) file with the network shared disk.

Mostly, the error message 15105 displayed like this:

Operating System Error 5: “5(failed to retrieve the text. Reason: 15105)”
You may also identify the error 15105 like this: Cannot open backup device “\\xxxxxx\xxx.bak”.

Operating system error 5 (failed to retrieve text. Reason: 15105)
It may also appear something like this, “Operating System Error 5 (Access is Denied)” and this message is forwarded to local disk on the network.

Reasons of MS SQL Server Backup Error 15105?

In SQL Server the error code 15105 is caused due to following reasons.

  • Virus attack is a major reason of such types of error.
  • The Windows Operating System corruption also may raise this problem.
  • The destination where user trying to keep his database backup files is suffering from lack of space.
  • The permission issue of accessing the location of the database backup files that is assigned only to the SQL Server Database service account.
  • The registry errors and excessive startup entries may be an aspect of SQL error message 15105.
  • If user copied the backup file to the different system, then the destination computer may block the file due to security logic.
  • The incomplete software installation may also create this problem.

Method to Fix the SQL Server Database Backup Error 15105

It is recommended that you should free the space for database backup files and then run the defragmentation action.

Steps to Fix SQL Database Backup Error 15105

  1. Go to the location where actual folder is shared.
  2. Now right click on the folder and select “Sharing and Security” option from drop down menu.
  3. From there select the “Sharing” tab and click on “Permissions Settings”.
  4. The account which you want to use for the backup purpose, give full access permission privileges to that account. If you are running under the SQL server service account, then give full access permission to the domain account.
  5. After adding the necessary accounts and privileges, click on “Apply” and “OK”.
  6. After this go to the “Security” tab and add all the account whom you have given access permission and give them full access permission.
  7. Now click “Apply” and “OK”.


The above given manual process is enough to fix SQL Server backup error 15105. However, if it doesn't works in your case then you can use SQL Server .bak file repair tool, which allows you to fix SQL .bak file.

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