Solved: SQL Server Error 3456 Severity 21 State 1

Encountered SQL Server Error 3456?

Sometimes SQL Server database shows database in suspect mode,and you encounter SQL error 3456 with a message shown below:

Error: 3456, Severity: 21, State: 1. Could not redo log record (2189:376:6), for transaction ID (0:166185), on page (1:234), database ‘master’ (database ID 1). Page: LSN = (1529:424:5), type = 1. Log: OpCode = 3, context 1, PrevPageLSN: (1529:368:4). Restore from a backup of the database, or repair the database.

This usually happen due to error occuring in redo error in a logged transaction. So, In this writeup, you will get to know :

  • How SQL Error 3456 is analyzed?
  • Reason of SQL server error 3456 severity 21 state 1
  • Solution for the user encountered Error 3456 state 1 severity 21

Let us explore more about this Error.

How Microsoft SQL Server error 3456 is Detected?

When encountered SQL Server error 3456, SQL server generates three files in log folder. SQLDumpnnnn.txt file contains information like the details of the transaction, the page which encountered the problem etc. Basically,the file contains advanced diagonostic information that helps in analyzing the reason of getting this error.

Quick Tip: If you are looking for an instant solution to Fix SQL Server Error 3456, you can use SQL server database repair. This utility is quick & efficiently repairs your database if you don’t have the recent backup.

Reason of getting SQL Server Error 3456

SQL Server Error 3456 occurs when there is corruption in transaction log file in SQL Server database. The restore operation failed to redo the transaction log ,hence, database goes in Suspect mode. The filegroups , either primary or possibly other, are suspect or may found damaged. You can also find the cause of encountered error 3456 state 1 severity 21 by examining Windows Event Log for a previous error that specify the reason for the specific failure.The database will not be able to recover during startup of SQL Server.

Note: If the error occurs in tempdb, the SQL Server instance shuts down.

In order to fix SQL Error 3456, you canCheck Windows Event log or Error logs to know the reason for this error and resolve it accordingly or can run DBCC CHECKDB to check the consistency of the database & understand the nature or extent of the database.

Fix SQL Server Error 3456 severity 21 state 1

To come out from the situation, you have different options:

  • Either you can perform restore from backup.
  • Rebuild System databases
  • Reinstall SQL Server

If you are planning to perform restore from backup, then before performing disaster recovery, you need to rebuild system databases first.

You can rebuild your system databases by running below command:


Here MSSQL is the by default instance.

Tip: Make sure to take backup of MDF & LDF at safe location before rebuilding the database.

After rebuilding your system databases, your SQL database becomes up. Now you can attach your database files and bring your database online.

If you are not able to attach your file to the SQL Server database, there might be a permission error or there is chances that your file is orphaned. Hence, go the file properties and set the owner of that file.Once the permission is set correctly, you will be able to attach your file to the SQL Server and bring your database online.

5 Steps to Resolve SQL Server Error 3456 :

Perform the following steps if you encountered error 3456 state 1 severity 21:

  1. Install & Launch SQL Database Recovery Tool and Click Open
  2. Browse SQL database mdf file from your local system.
  3. You will get two option to scan your SQL Database MDF file : Quick Scan & Advance Scan. Choose it accordingly.
  4. The software recovers SQL .mdf file and preview recovered database MDF & NDF files. The software shows you the entire database objects of repaired MDF and NDF files such as triggers , functions, views etc.
  5. Click Export to save your recovered database objects in SQL Server Database or as Compatible script for further use.


In this writeup,we have discussed about SQL Server error 3456 and its possible reasons why user encountered this error. The error makes the database goes in Suspect Mode. We have also covered the manual as well as an alternative approach to fix sql server error 3456 severity 21 state 1.

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