How to Fix Corrupted Table in SQL Server?

SQL Server is one of the most popular relational database management system, which is widely used in many organizations. The improved graphical interface and more advanced features in SQL Server both make it one of the best database management tools. It helps to manage a large amount of data in a proper way. Sometimes, most of the userd may encounter the SQL server database corruption issue due to which all the data cannot be accessible easily. Therefore, in the following section, we are going to discuss all possible reasons behind SQL database corruption and suggested a reliable solution as well.

Causes of SQL Database Corruption

There are following reasons due to which SQL database may be corrupt or damaged. Let us discuss some of them as given below:

  • More than 95% of corruption issue occurs due to hardware failure
  • Due to many software bugs in SQL server
  • Abruptly system shutdown while opening the SQL database corrupts SQL server database
  • Some modifications in SQL account
  • Infected by virus attacks, worms, Trojan, Spy ware
  • Corruption can cause by any natural disaster
  • One of the major reasons of SQL database corruption is upgrading the SQL Server from previous to latest versions

Whatever the reason might be of SQL DB corruption, the user is unable to know it until they can access the corrupt data. Now, let us discuss types of error messages while trying to interact with damaged data of SQL server.

Various Types of Errors in SQL Server

Go through the following corruption errors in SQL database as mentioned below:

  • Msg 823 error in SQL Server
  • Msg 825 (read retry) in SQL Server
  • Msg 825 (read retry) in SQL Server
  • SQL Server Page Level Corruption
  • SQL Server Table Corruption Error
  • Corruption on non-clustered indexes
  • Database consistency error reported by DBCC CHECKB
  • Corruption on SQL data pages
  • Metadata corruption Error

The above-stated errors are commonly found in SQL Server DB due to corruption issue. In fact, there might be several other errors for the same also. In such cases, most of users are advised that backup is always the best solution to restore the SQL database. It is helpful in some cases, but sometimes the user came to know the corruption issue very late, but it is not worth. Most of the time, corruption may destroy the backup of data as well. Therefore, one can take help of the third party tool.

Recommended Way to Repair Corrupt SQL Database

There are many recovery solutions available in the market. But due to certain reasons, they are unable to fix the database corruption issue. So, without wasting any time the user can go for a professional solution i.e. SQL Recovery Software. The tool can easily restore damaged database files, tables, functions, views, indexes, keys, triggers, etc. However, it is designed to recover deleted SQL Server Database table without any effort.

Final Thoughts

In SQL Server, Corruption is the major issue due to which database file cannot be accessible. Along with, all major reasons and different types of errors are discussed above. However, also recommended an alternate approach that helps to repair corrupt SQL database in a convenient manner.

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