Fix Microsoft SQL Server Error 8966, Level 16, State 2

Microsoft SQL Server Error 8966

The major cause for the occurrence of MS SQL Server error 8966 is the corruption inside the database.

Error Message

Msg 8966, Level 16, State 2:
Could not read and latch page (%d:%d) with latch type %s. 1453(Insufficient quota to complete the requested service.) failed.

Reasons of MS SQL Database Error 8966

SQL Server error 8966 shows the Windows input/output failure is occurring due to insufficient resources. In most of the cases, the error 8966 appears when a Diagnostic Manager is monitoring the multiple SQL Server databases having very large tables (more than 50 GB).

There are many other reasons behind error 8966, some of them are listed below:

  1. Virus Attack & Malfunctioning of the System can generate the error 8966 in SQL Server.
  2. Record Header Corruption may be a reason of the error.
  3. Concurrent Modification of a database may also raise the error.
  4. Damage of Metadata Structure could be a reason of this error.
  5. Improper Shutdown of Database can damage the database files by which the error 8966 can occurs.

Fix SQL Server Error 8966 Severity 16 State 2

There are several actions that can be used to fix the error 8966. Here I have discussed some of them:

Hardware Failure

To insure that the hardware is running properly, you need to run the hardware diagnostics. If you found any problem related to the hardware then immediately fix that. But if there is no problem with the hardware, then it is recommended that examine the Microsoft Windows NT system, application logs and the SQL Server error log to analyze the reason of the error 8966.

If you have data corruption problems, try to swap out different hardware components to isolate the problem.

Finally, you might find it beneficial to switch to a completely new hardware system, including reformatting the disk drives and reinstalling the Operating System.

Restore From Backup

If the issue is not related to hardware and you have a healthy backup available, then restore the database from backup file.


If you don't have the backup of your database, then execute the DBCC CHECKDB command with the appropriate repair clause to repair the corruption.


In the present article we have discussed about the Microsoft SQL Server error 8966 Severity 16 State 2. Here we have discussed the reasons that are responsible for this error and methods to fix the error 8966.

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