Fix SQL Server Model Database Error 9003

What is Error 9003 in SQL Server Database?

Microsoft SQL Server error 9003 is also known as model database error. When this problem occurs then an error message comes, "An error has occurred while establishing a connection to the server". This error contains following errors like, SQL Server model database may be corrupt, or the model database log files does not match the data file model.mdf. The error message appears only when a wrong sequence or unacceptable event ID is recorded by the log manager for a particular database.

Reasons of SQL Server Error Code 9003

The procreation of the error 9003 may be caused due to inconsistency, corruption, or replication issues taking place between the MDF files and the LDF files. The error message might also occurred due to misconfigured system files or registry issues of files.

Methods to Fix Microsoft SQL Server Error 9003

The following section shows steps used to overcome from this issue.

  1. Restore the Database from Backup:
  2. If the error 9003 comes due to replication, then you should try to restore the database from its backup. So it is recommended that a healthy backup should be maintained to overcome from a critical situation like this.

  3. Reinstall the SQL Server:
  4. To overcome from this issue you should try to uninstall the working SQL Server application and reinstall on the same machine. If you are thinking about the reinstalling the SQL Server application, then it is recommended that you keep a healthy backup of the MDF file components. After uninstallation and reinstallation, you can restore all the components back to the database

    Run DBCC CHECKDB: After installing the application, it is recommended that you should run the DBCC CHECKDB command to ensure that there is no physical or logical errors are in the database components.

  5. Alternate Solution:
  6. If the above manual methods are unable to fix the issue, then you can go for a third party SQL data recovery tool to overcome this problem.

    The affected database with the SQL Server error code 9003 may also be marked as a suspected. So it is recommended that, you should check that the database is not in suspect mode.


In this article we have discussed about SQL Server model database error 9003. Here, we discussed the reasons that are responsible for this issue and how to fix the error using different methods.

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