Find Out How to Decrypt Stored Procedure in SQL Server

"Recently I have encrypted stored procedure in my production environment. But, now I want to do some modifications, but I do not know how to decrypt Stored procedure in SQL Server, so that I can modify it. Can anyone help me out to decrypt the stored procedure? Kindly suggest me a reliable solution for decrypting stored procedure in SQL Server?"

When a stored procedure is created in Microsoft SQL, the text body is accessible to the individuals who have required permissions to access the data. Thus, it becomes easy to expose the underlying object contents by creating a stored procedure. It can also analyze through SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), Windows PowerShell, Query Analyzer, or any specific commercial utility.

Although, encryption of stored procedure SQL Server ensures that objects cannot be easily accessed and read. At times it can pose some issues to the end users for accessing the data. Sometimes SQL Admin noticed that most of the people may face several issues and they cannot access their decryption script. Thus, they are unable to decrypt the database object when needed.

In this blog, we will discuss the step-by-step process to let users understand how to encrypt and decrypt stored procedure in SQL server environment.

How to Encrypt Stored Procedure in SQL Server

The MS SQL server does not have any procedure to decrypt the encrypted stored procedure. First, they need to encrypt all stored procedures in SQL Server manually. Moreover, to encrypt a stored procedure users have to use WITH ENCRYPTION option along with CREATE PROCEDURE script.

Here is a script on how to encrypt Stored Procedure in SQL Server :

create Procedure usp_insert ( @id int, @name varchar(20),@place varchar(30)) WITH ENCRYPTION As begin insert into test values(@id, @name, @place) end

Your stored procedure successfully get encrypted. You can check it by using following command:

sp_helptext usp_insert

Now, you will not be able to edit or modify changes in your database object in SQL Server.

A Reliable Way to Decrypt SQL Server Database object

Once encryption process is done, it becomes quite difficult to decrypt the database object. For doing this, users can opt for a reliable third party tool, i.e., SQL Decryptor Tool. The software is capable to remove encryption from SQL database in bulk. It provides an option to decrypt SQL database file of any size. This application offers two different authentication mode to decrypt SQL Database object such as Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication. Here, we are going to discuss the complete working steps of this software:

  1. Download and Install the SQL Decryptor Tool. After that, click on Start icon
  2. Enter the server credentials required to connect to SQL Server Database such as Server Name, Database name. Select the Login mode as per the database connection. Press Next
  3. Now, you will be able to preview the decrypted view and Click on Next button
  4. You will get Two options to export the decrypted database object. Choose according to your requirement and choose Export button

Similarly, in this way users can easily decrypt other database objects like view, functions etc.

Let's Wrap Up

SQL database encryption will ensure database originality from an unwanted user. However, sometimes user need to modify or edit their database object.With the help of above steps, user can decrypt their stored procedures in SQL Server easily with professional solution i.e., SQL decryptor tool.

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